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Products & Services

Shop service, Fabrication, and Repair

For more than 38 years, we have been servicing and repairing every manufacturer and origin of motorcycle. Our standard tune-up is second-to-none, and you'll feel the difference in the ride of your bike. You may find a cheaper tune-up but you won't find a better one at ANY PRICE- With more than110years of combined experience our ability and technical knowledge is unrivaled. We have indeed been the "do everything shop."

Products & Services We Offer:
Aluminum Welding Arc, Gas, Tig and Mig, and Spot Welding, Spot-Welding Brasing Chemical Bonding-Plastic Welding Aluminum & Metal Soldering Wheel Truing & Straightening Triple-Clamp-Straightening Handle Bar Straightening Foot Pegs Levers & Shifters-Drilling and Machining and Broken Bolt or Screw Removal. Grinding of brake rotors and brake drums. "valve & seat" grinding, cylinder boring, and honing, and piston sizing, and knurling.
Your bike's brake components are some of its most important parts, so you want to have the best products and you want to keep them in the best shape. Our mechanics have the knowledge to diagnose and repair problems with your brakes. Our Parts Department stocks all of EBC brand of brake pads, brake shoes, brake rotors, AND OUR MECHANICS CAN FABRICATE OUR OWN CLUTCH AND BRAKE LINES AS WELL. We also stock master cylinder rebuild kits as well as caliper rebuild kits. All brake jobs are done while you wait!
Chains & Sprockets
We have the largest and most varied inventory of chains and sprockets in the Bay Area. KC Engineering has the design books, the capability and technical know-how to move your sizes, up or down, in chain size and gear ratio. We stock SunStar, J.T., Sprockets Specialists and some OEM's. We also stock DID chain, EK chain RK chain and have Tsubaki cam chains and drive chains in stock. We have split roller and solid roller O-rings and alphabet rings too!
Electrical and Charging System Components:
We stock every Yuasa battery made, and many generics which will save you $$$! We stock almost every after-market rectifier, regulator and rectifier units. In our inventory you will find alternators, alternator stators, brushes for both starter and alternators, as well as heavy duty ground cables and power cables. We can also manufacture cables for you right here! We have a full line of starter switches as well as solenoids. We have battery eliminator boxes (that's right, you can run your bike without a battery in many cases!) and a full assortment of relays and switches, mini-fuse fuse boxes, circuit brakers and fuses of all shapes and amperage. We also carry many electric starter motors and electric starter rebuild parts. We stock all manner of headlights and taillights, both bulbs and full assemblies!
The way your bike rides can affect its performance, and your suspension is a big part of that. Whether you're looking for a soft ride or a tight, high-performance ride, we have the parts and service you need. We carry dual and mono shock absorbers, and we have the largest assortment of aftermarket high-performance fork springs. We also stock lowering kits, rising links, and lower links. We lower motorcycles on a regular basis and have been since 1976, any motorcycle!
Electronic Ignition/Mapping Boxes
Your bike's ignition can contribute not only to its performance, but also to its gas mileage. We have a large selection of ignition parts and accessories, including ignition replacement kits and capacitive discharge spark plug wires. We also manufacture on premises almost any color and type of spark plug wire, from 7mm to 10mm. Our parts department also stocks the largest assortment of carburetor jet kits of any retail store, as well as fuel switches, fuel filters, fuel catalysts, carburetor rebuild kits, and petcock o-rings and carb holders or "manifolds". We also stock ignition and intake remap boxes!
Other Intake Accessories We Carry:
  • Fuel Hose Connectors
  • Claps
  • Fittings
  • Hoses
  • Air Filters
We Stock:
  • Solid Roller Chain
  • Split Roller Chain
  • O-Ring Chain
  • Full Oval-Link Chain
  • Alphabet O-ring (x,z,w, etc) Chain
  • Chains and Master links
V-MAX Products and Service
  • Spark plug wire (nology)
  • Special spark plugs
  • Special fan switch
  • V-boost selector (T-Boost)
  • K&N air filters
  • Jet kit (cobra)
  • Exhaust system (cobra)
  • Coils (Dyna)
  • Oil pressure gauge kits
  • Performance ignition box- Dyna- 3000
  • Special extra long and thick, rubber and chrome hand grips
  • Breather kit
  • Clutch kits (barnett)
  • Bungee bolts for top of shock
  • Clear taillight and turn signal lense
  • Braided S.S. clutch and brake lines
  • Wave Brake rotors
  • Stainless steel- button head allen sets
  • Turn Signals-to stop light kit- clear only
  • Low rider shocks (down to 11"-440s)
  • Front end lowering kit
  • Gold value kits
  • Hi performance replacement fork springs
  • Fork seal and wiper kits
  • Rectifier regulators
  • Tapered steering head bearing kits
  • Alt. stators
  • Dual Headlight assembly
  • High out put headlight bulbs
  • Affordable "Billet" Aluminum mirrors
  • Special auxiliary ground wire sets
  • Special 90 degree race style aluminum valve stems
  • Racing valve springs(engine)
  • Upholstered air box lid
  • Back rest with pad
  • Carrier for above
  • V-max radiator cover
  • 170/80/15+120/90/18 tire set that fits!
  • Clutch+brake sport mastercylinder sets
  • Special handlebar( brings controls closer to body)